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Welcome Traveller!

Order of the White Flame is one of the oldest and most experienced kinships on the Laurelin server, a kinship based on friendships. We offer a casual and helpful environment and the opportunity to take part in the many activities the game has to offer!

In Order of the White Flame we want kin like minded fellows who like to have fun and don’t mind taking part in discussions going on in kin-chat. It is recommended to be vocal from the start as it will help you fit in and make friends. You can read the rules here.

When joining our kinship you will have the best opportunity to make new friends, fight in all kinds of instances, and get help when needed.

We have a kinship band called "The White Flames", and we welcome all to take part if they so wish. Aifel is the leader of the band, and with a core of 2-6 members The White Flames play on events, parties, or just for fun.

Current leader and officers:

Trincia (leader), Aifel, Lynith/Ammaranth, Brinhelm, Valanthor, Ellywen, Chardria

Log in and be active!

If you are not yet a member of this website, please apply. Members in Order of the White Flame will be admitted. To become a member of the kinship, please contact an officer online. Be active. Post your ideas and thoughts in the forum. Shout in the Shout Box. Put in information about your characters in the game. Share screenshots from your adventures in the Gallery.

Instances, Raids and Events

Organized instances, raids and non-fighting events will be announced in our Calendar. Most often instances will be occasional when people in the kin feel like doing something together. Read more about our planned events and instances here.

We use Mumble as our main way of communicating. Before an instance or raid starts, please have Mumble ready. You will be informed about details for logging in.

Safe Journey and welcome!


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Concert at Party tree

by Aifel, 2 days ago

Dagiandor made these videos:

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Instance runs on lower levels

by Trincia, 2 days ago


We had a really nice improvised concert tonight at the Party Tree. Dagiandor was filming so hopefully we soon can see the videos from tonight's concert.

Any new members who wants to join playing music, get in touch with Trincia or Aifel in the game to get started. We rehearse every Sunday at 19:00 CET and you need to be there to be considered a member in of the band White Flames. Most often we do an improvised concert instead of rehearsing. New band members need to install Mumble for voice chat and to aquire the concert suit. Read more about all music related things on the forums.

We have a request for lower level instances so I have put one in on Friday at 8 pm CET (7 pm UK time). Sign up in the Calendar if you want to join! We will do instances on any level as often as there is a need and want for it   


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Summer Festival - lots of fun things to do!

by Trincia, 7 days ago

Warm greetings to you all!

We have a few new members in the kinship. Welcome to you all and I hope you will enjoy the friendship in Order of the White Flame. 

On Friday we have a gathering, starting at the kinship house. All new members are especially welcome to the gathering, since you have a chance to be promoted to kinsman. I hope many members can come so we can plan some activites for the nearest future.

Anyone who wants to join our music band, please contact Trincia or Aifel in the game. There is also a guide on the forums White Flame Band which tells all you need to know about how to do. Both Aifel and I are happy to help if needed with all the technical stuff, and with playing together.

Summer Festival started today, Tuesday 22nd July. During festivals there are so many fun things to do. A must is to learn how to dance - much needed on parties and such. 

During festivals the Inn League is active. If you want to join the Inn League - the hobbits' drinking club - just tell Trincia or my alt Arkartiel in the game and I will help you with the initiation. It's a bit difficult since you become very intoxicated. Arkartiel also gives an Inn League Delivery Tour during festivals. This is a tour through 11 delivery quests around Middle Earth. To finish all 11 you need to be at least lvl 35, but you are welcome to join as long as you can. Inn League quests give reputation with the Inn League. You can barter for a nice drunk mount, the dance Jig and some other fun things with reputation with the Inn League. Any planned Inn League Tour will be announced on the Calendar.

Music rehearsal on Sunday at kinship house. Don't miss it! If you are new in the kinship you are welcome to listen if you still haven't joined the band. Check out Dagiandor's video from last Sunday's rehearsal/concert in Bree!


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