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Welcome Traveller!

Order of the White Flame is one of the oldest and most experienced kinships on the Laurelin server, a kinship based on friendships. We offer a casual and helpful environment and the opportunity to take part in the many activities the game has to offer!

In Order of the White Flame we want kin like minded fellows who like to have fun and don’t mind taking part in discussions going on in kin-chat. It is recommended to be vocal from the start as it will help you fit in and make friends. You can read the rules here.

When joining our kinship you will have the best opportunity to make new friends, fight in all kinds of instances, and get help when needed.

We have a kinship band called "The White Flames", and we welcome all to take part if they so wish. Aifel is the leader of the band, and with a core of 2-6 members The White Flames play on events, parties, or just for fun.

Log in and be active!

If you are not yet a member of this website, please apply. Members in Order of the White Flame will be admitted. To become a member of the kinship, please contact an officer online. Be active. Post your ideas and thoughts in the forum. Shout in the Shout Box. Put in information about your characters in the game. Share screenshots from your adventures in the Gallery.

Instances, Raids and Events

Organized instances, raids and non-fighting events will be announced in our Calendar. Most often instances will be occasional when people in the kin feel like doing something together. Read more about our planned events and instances here.

We use Mumble as our main way of communicating. Before an instance or raid starts, please have Mumble ready. You will be informed about details for logging in.

Safe Journey and welcome!


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Latest update, and planned concert

by Trincia, 17 hours ago

Update 13 - quests
Lord of the Rings Online had update 13 on Monday, April 14th. In this update the epic story continues on level 95. A few new quests were added on level 95 in Fangorn and Isengard. These quests are finished rather quickly, due to Bethelda who finished it all in two or three evenings. No instances or raids were added.

Anniversary Festival
The Anniversary festival also started on Tuesday, April 15th. For those of you who have played the game for more than a year, you will recognize quests and activities. Festivals are always fun! For newcomers in the game you can start in northern Bree where there is a field for having fireworks (between the stables in western Bree and the exit to the north). There is a fun repeatable quest to fire off the right kind of fireworks that are announced by the fireworks announcer. Also there is a quest given from a hobbit that leads you around all festival areas.

Another important festival area is at Methel Stage in the Shire. Gandalf happens to stand there and has a quest to fire off fireworks at different places around Middle Earth. To finish that quest you need to buy some fireworks at the vendor standing next to him. You also need to be able to go to Weathertop and Rivendell, besides the other places that are included in his quest. If you still haven’t been to Weathertop or Rivendell, feel free to ask me or anyone else in the game and we can help you.

At Methel Stage there also is a repeatable quest to shoot off as many fireworks as possible within a certain time to amuse the audience (npcs). The fireworks sitting on the stage are used for this quest. You need to be at least 2 people doing this quest to be able to succeed. The trick is also to not run around, which makes you loose time. Stand on the same spot and fire off the 6 fireworks in front of you, one by one. After finishing, there will be some minutes before the quest is available again. If you are a festival nerd (like I am), you can buy fireworks at the vendor and fire them off for a deed while waiting for the repeatable quest to start again. This deed is also triggered by Gandalf’s quest and is to fire off 50 of each colour of the fireworks. A stack of 50 fireworks costs 250 silver, if I remember right, and I think there are 6 colours of fireworks.

Unfortunately, there is neither Inn League nor dance masters active during this festival. We will need to wait for the Spring Festival for those amusements. Spring Festival usually starts in the end of May and lasts to the beginning of June.

Planned concert
During Spring Festival we will have a concert with the band. I suggest May 29, 30 or 31.

Many in the kin are interested in playing in the band. The difficult part is to get all together at one time. I would like to have a band with 12 members at the concert to be able to play some of the arrangements that we have.

We will need to rehearse a few times before the concert, so everybody feels comfortable with the music system and also so we all know how to stand, to walk, to bow and how to dress. Yeah there are some things to think about to have a successful concert. Talk to Trincia or Aifel in game to be able to prepare for the coming concert in the end of May. Also read news at this website to know when rehearsals are. 


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Fun on Monday the 14th

by Trincia, 5 days ago

There will be a server downtime in the game on Monday. I guess once the game is up and running again the Anniversairy festival has started. That means a lot of fun!!!

Aifel, Lynith and me will meet at about 8 pm CET (7 pm UK time, 2 pm EST, 9 pm East Europe Time, Tuesday 6 am for our Aussie) and we welcome EVERYONE who feels like doing something fun together. What it will be I don't know yet. It's all up to you guys!

Cya in game! /Trin

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